Firebase News #9 🔥 🔥

The best (well, I think so) Firebase news and articles

Welcome to the 9th edition of Firebase News. Thank you all for spreading the word and increasing our readership. We again set a new readership record thanks you you all!

Update on Since our launch of  🔥🔥 - a new way to manage and reduce your Firebase costs - we’ve had a fantastic number of new users join. We’ve also had a few growing pains, and I can’t thank our users enough for their patience and feedback. Please give a spin - it is free and we think you’ll find it valuable.

And now on to the articles…

Emailing with Firebase: The Trigger Email Extension

How do you send emails from Firebase? The new Firebase extension Trigger Email makes it easy, and here's how. While it is still in Beta, we’ve been using it successfully at By @geoffbourne.

Push Notifications in Flutter using Firebase

Learn how to send push notification via Flutter. We’ve recently gotten into Flutter and it has been a wonderful experience. There are a lot of good free videos on @FilledStacks, so explore a bit.

Automatic Backup for Firestore

You might have heard, it is important to backup your data. Firestore doesn’t automatically backup, but you can create a Cloud Function to automatically backup to a Cloud Bucket. By @chriskitson

The secrets of Firestore’s Timestamp — REVEALED!

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that makes Firebase’s Timestamp work (or not work as you’d expect). A good article that delves into some important details. By @CodingDoug

Firebase Storage Gotchas

The author @daviddalbusco writes about his “unlucky” experience with Firebase Cloud Storage, hoping it might help someone else in the future.

How To Build A Vue Survey App Using Firebase Authentication And Database

If you are a Vue advocate, you’ll like this article on building a survey app in Firebase. My only suggestion would be to user Firestore instead of Realtime DB. By @Davidpreneur.

That is all for this week. Again, please check out 🔥🔥 if you’re concerned with Firebase costs and usage.

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